5 Ways Energy and Manufacturing Companies Can Save Time, Money, and Energy

The technology that keeps your company’s heavy equipment up and running is likely one of the biggest investments your business makes year after year. Throughout its lifecycle, this machinery experiences normal wear and tear, but what if there was a way to better monitor all of your equipment to maximize its usage and ultimately benefit your bottom line? Embedded technologies from Interceptor by BlackPearl can help protect your investment and expand its lifetime, enabling you to keep operations running. 

Are you ready to optimize your tech stack and move from reactive to proactive management strategies? Our modular solutions can help. Here’s how. 

  1. Know What to Expect and Be Prepared 

A positive outlook without proactive planning won’t set you up for success when it comes to maintenance. In every industry, things go wrong, go offline, break down, or need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. 

That’s why predictive maintenance with embedded monitoring technology is so essential. This type of maintenance can detect early warning signs, monitor levels and conditions, and inform key stakeholders about potential problems before they occur. This enables you to proactively find solutions—saving your company money and your staff time.

  1. Keep Operations Safe and Efficient With Remote Monitoring

Oil and gas environments can be unpredictable. Between weather-related concerns, remote locations, and complex machinery, small mistakes can have major consequences. Luckily, our Spearlink module can save the day, or at least keep the day uneventful. 

With 900 MHz of land-based, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint communication that can transmit anywhere from once a week to 24/7, you can place the Spearlink unit on an oil tank up to two miles away, where it can interconnect with other devices to funnel data back to your main hub, letting your team know when it’s full and ready for a truck. This constant stream of data ensures that you’re always aware of the status of your equipment and can communicate easily with maintenance crews to resolve issues before they cause serious disruption to your daily operations.

This same technology can be used to monitor wind turbines, equipment in aerospace environments, and more—regardless of industry, if you need 24/7 monitoring for remote equipment, the Interceptor product line can help. 

  1. Set the Tempo for Your Operations

For manufacturing companies dealing with whole warehouses of equipment, the Interceptor can be used to control multiple devices at once (like monitoring refrigeration units), and ensure individual temperature control within 1°F of accuracy around the clock to ensure optimal performance and detect any alarms in real-time. 

Of course, with the Interceptor, you can go beyond just refrigeration to gain insights into everything from HVAC systems in your facilities to more specialized machinery—working in a self-healing mesh network across vast distances. 

Combine the Interceptor with a QuarterMaster to control equipment or monitor your most important sensors, like pressure, current draw, voltage stability, strain gauges, temperature, data flow, and more. Add in a Horizon board, and your team can see and control processes and manually implement changes with a tap or keystroke (which is especially useful for HVAC systems).

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  1. Cut Cables to Cut Long-Distance Energy Costs

As a recent post on Embedded Computing Design makes clear, low-power devices are the best solution for long-distance operations: “Even if money is not a concern and replacing the battery is quick, traveling to the site, locating the sensor, changing the battery, and testing the device is tedious and dramatically increases labor costs.”

That’s why the Interceptor team is focused on crafting low-powered modular technology for equipment that’s not the easiest to reach, and that’s why we’ve created our latest innovation: the Paradox.

This cross-industry solution works seamlessly with our Interceptor line and is the perfect addition to those industries requiring low-powered solutions. The Paradox uses less than a milliamp of power (about 200 microamps, and possibly even 65 microamps) while performing many of the same tasks as the Interceptor. It does this by sipping power, not drinking it. Since it uses about 1/10th of the power the Interceptor module uses, you can run it for an extended period without requiring additional power or being near an outlet. 

The Paradox is ready to get to work in sub-sea environments, aerospace, remote oil fields, or anywhere your team is unable to plug your machinery into constant power sources or easily access batteries to charge or replace them. You can rest assured that these remote and mobile operations are in good hands, allowing you to run your devices for extended periods without requiring additional power—in some instances, a year or longer.

Indeed, as Embedded Computing Design reports, companies are riding the futureproof trend of investing in “integrated energy harvested capabilities to become more environmentally responsible and sustainable,” and extremely efficient devices like the Paradox will help companies reduce the hassle of battery replacement in difficult-to-access locations and climates.

  1. No Matter Your Industry, Embedded Solutions Should Be an Energy-Saving Priority

The best way to save costs on energy is consistent monitoring. This is especially true today, with the volatile energy, oil, and gas market. Your operation must focus on energy efficiency to not only survive but thrive in today’s economy.

Monitoring and analyzing your company’s energy consumption supports processes, prediction of future usage, and long-term growth, while insufficient monitoring allows for gaps in productivity and profitability. Simply put, if you don’t know how much of something you’re using, you won’t be able to achieve actual efficiency. Monitoring with the Interceptor’s solutions enables decision-makers to keep track of all of their energy usage over time and identify opportunities for improvement.

Regardless of whether you need a power-reserving champion like the energy-saving Paradox core or an adaptable communications module like the Spearlink, the compact size of our entire Interceptor line of products means you’re saving time, space, and energy costs—ultimately benefiting your business long-term. 

While the front-end investment can seem like a lot, in the long run, embedded computing and innovative modular solutions will only benefit your business through 24/7 monitoring, predictive maintenance, and more. Contact our team today and get started with our innovative line of stackable modular solutions.

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