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The power of a laptop at the fraction of the size.

Development Kit

This 1"x2" modular, customizable, and adaptable single-board computer solves complex technical challenges across industries.

Our modular solutions are all powered by the Interceptor.

The most versatile and reliable industry-grade single-board computer on the market—each of our solutions offers customizable features, enabling the power of the Interceptor to accomplish complex actions when paired with our corresponding modular products.


Solving complex problems across industries.

The Interceptor suite of products can be used to monitor, track, analyze, automate, and more.

This resilient product line can operate in temperatures up to 85℃, making it the premier solution for the energy industry.

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) built into the Interceptor makes all of the products in the Interceptor line unhackable, making it the most secure product line for industries that deal with sensitive information.

The compact size of the Interceptor—⅓ of the size of a business card—makes it the perfect solution for the manufacturing industry, and any other industry that needs a powerful solution in a compact package.

The advanced computing capabilities of the Interceptor product line enable one Interceptor solution to replace 10 other pieces of machinery, making it the ideal solution for manufacturing and other industries that require complex machinery.

Our North American-made products are available now.

The Interceptor and the suite of products it powers are all designed, developed, and manufactured in North America.

This means that the Interceptor products are available for you now—no wait times or overseas shipping costs.

And beyond speed-to-market, having an onsite team of engineers, scientists, and innovators across industries means that you aren’t just getting hardware, you’re getting a team of experts who will customize your solution to ensure that it meets your needs.

The Interceptor is one of BlackPearl Technology’s most innovative and exciting solutions. Learn more about BlackPearl and how it is continuing to transform through technology.

Integrate with our product line for customizable solutions.

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