Customizable Technology for a New Generation

The Interceptor is a modular and adaptable hardware solution that solves complex technical challenges across industries.

One-third the size of a business card, the Interceptor is the foundation of a variety of modular computer hardware products that, is capable of solving nearly any industrial problem and streamlining nearly any process.

People buy the Interceptor because of its flexibility, versatility, and reliability. Our cost-effective solutions are available now. There are no delays or wait times because each board is designed by U.S. engineers and manufactured in North America. We are on time, on budget, and ready to exceed expectations. Our hardware, firmware, and integrative software meet today’s challenges while helping usher in the next generation of products.

And this small but powerful single-board computer serves as the foundation of our other products—the QuarterMaster, Chronicle, Horizon, Datacast, and Spearlink—each with a variety of customizable features.

Our Mission

We’re future-focused while meeting today’s needs and exceeding expectations in real-time.

We use the latest technology and innovations to develop reliable solutions that solve problems and improve processes.

Our Vision

We see the Interceptor as the foundation for new innovation.

With our modular and customizable solutions, we are spearheading a movement toward smarter, more versatile, and more effective technology-driven engineering and software developments across industries.

Our Process

We take existing technology and conceptual designs and build a framework to deliver fully executed products on time and on budget.

Integrate with our product line for customizable solutions.

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