How the Interceptor and ClearBlade Are Revolutionizing Pipeline SCADA Operations

It’s well-known that SCADA operations in the pipeline sector have more than a few hurdles.  Lost data due to data collisions from the traffic being pulled and transmitted, to massive amounts of data needing to be processed quickly, to the extreme costs of transmitting that data – not to mention the vulnerability to cyber-attacks. It’s definitely a sore subject.  However, there is a solution!  

Did you know that our Interceptor IoT edge devices offer robust data processing capabilities right in the field?  It’s the perfect solution to collect, process, and send real-time data from various pipeline components in the harshest environments and most remote locations. When combined with the ClearBlade Edge Platform, the benefits are even greater.

The ClearBlade Edge Platform is a secure, no-code IoT application that offers AI, edge-native computing, and extreme flexibility, empowering operation teams to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. The platform also allows organizations to synchronize, configure, manage, and deploy their IoT systems with ease, making it an ideal solution for organizations looking to scale as their operations grow.

By incorporating the ClearBlade Edge Platform with the Interceptor, SCADA operators can collect real-time data from pipeline components and send it to the Interceptor IoT edge device for processing. The Interceptor can then process the data and send it to the MQTT server, reducing the amount of data sent over the network and improving the overall reliability of the system while drastically reducing data costs at the same time.

The MQTT server can then alert the relevant subscribers of reports and/or issues that need to be immediately addressed, which improves efficiency and reduces downtime. The real-time data collected and processed by the system can be used to make better-informed decisions, which can improve overall efficiency.

The use of the Interceptor edge devices with the ClearBlade Edge Platform makes the system highly scalable, enabling it to grow easily as the number of pipeline components increases. This feature makes it a suitable solution for organizations looking to expand their operations.

Below are just a few of the many benefits of the Interceptor and ClearBlade dynamic duo:

Real-time data collection & data processing: Collect real-time data from various pipeline components, such as sensors and actuators, process it, and send only the required data to the MQTT server to notify relevant subscribers.
Improved reliability: MQTT is a lightweight and reliable protocol that can handle large amounts of data, making it suitable for use in the pipeline industry where real-time data is critical and subscribers can be alerted of serious issues.
No data drops:  By processing the data on the Interceptor edge device, only relevant data is transmitted to the MQTT server, so there are no data collisions, which means no data drops.
Remote monitoring: The MQTT server can be accessed remotely, allowing pipeline operators to monitor the system from a central location, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.
Works with existing infrastructure:  No need to replace your existing infrastructure, just add the Interceptor IoT edge device that’s loaded with the ClearBlade software and add it to your modem, and it’s ready to go.
Industrial-Rated:  The Interceptor is industrial-rated and can withstand extreme temperatures from -40C to +85C.
Scalability: The use of the Interceptor’s line of IoT edge devices and ClearBlade’s robust Edge Platform enables the system to scale easily as the number of pipeline components increases.
Better decision-making: The real-time data collected and processed by the system can be used to make better-informed decisions, improving the overall efficiency of the pipeline industry.
Cost savings:  By processing the data at the edge and only transmitting final data and alerts drastically reduces data costs.
Security:  The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) built into the Interceptor makes all of the products in the Interceptor line virtually unhackable, making it the most secure product line for industries that deal with sensitive information.

The combination of the Interceptor line of IoT edge devices with ClearBlade’s Edge Platform offers a powerful solution for SCADA and pipeline operators. It provides real-time data collection, improved reliability, remote monitoring, scalability, better decision-making, and reduces costs, all while utilizing the benefits of the Internet of Things. 

Contact us to learn how the Interceptor and ClearBlade duo can transform your pipeline operations.

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