Benefits of Mobile Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry

The energy sector operates as a competitive, strictly regulated industry, with new challenges arising every day. With volatility in the marketplace, unpredictable weather conditions, and more, energy leaders (especially in oil and gas) must be on the cutting edge of innovative technologies. 

Companies in this sector benefit significantly from mobile technology and its many advancements in recent years. Whether it’s asset management, maintenance, maintaining industry regulations, or streamlining overall production processes, mobile technology can help. 

These mobile solutions can help leaders operate large equipment remotely, connecting them to larger regulatory systems so that you know the status of your equipment in real-time. These real-time insights increase productivity, allowing companies to minimize labor costs and generate better business outcomes. 

Spending on mobile tech for the oil and gas industry is predicted to reach $22.95B by 2026. If companies in these industries aren’t working to get ahead now, they will fall behind in the race for innovative tech and ultimately struggle to keep up with the competition. 

Collaborate and Communicate

Technology is becoming increasingly intelligent and adaptive as further iterations are created. New generations of tech use artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced communication networks to expand their reach and automate processes. This improves communication back to base and streamlines operations overall.

Communication is essential in oil and gas, as it is imperative to the safety of your employees and the efficiency of your operations. New generations of technology boast greatly improved connectivity, and investing in mobile technology is simply good business sense for those looking to expand their business capabilities.

When it comes to better communication in oil and gas, it’s time to move from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance. Intelligent and integrated modular solutions can help gather data about your equipment over time. This data can be used to help your business work smarter by predicting problems and enabling your team to correct them before they become emergencies. 

Oversight and Safety 

The energy sector has strict operational guidelines due to the often precarious nature of this industry. The working environments can be harsh, and if used improperly, the equipment can pose safety risks for employees. 

While operational guidelines help ensure the safety of employees, modular devices can take safety measures a step further. Increased monitoring, data collection, and reporting give field managers more insight into what’s happening on the ground. The devices improve overall workflows, which can reduce the number of on-site incidents. This regular collection of field data has the potential to reveal weak spots in systems and processes or inform field workers about small issues before things escalate. 

Increasing insight into ground-level operations only helps employees, managers, and stakeholders make better decisions together, accelerating decision-making and increasing productivity. Adopting resilient, industrial-grade modular technology gives companies the oversight they need in environments like oil fields to increase both safety and efficiency. 

Benefits of a Tri-Mesh Network 

Ultimately, oil and gas wells are inhospitable and naturally uncommunicative environments. When oil fields are in remote locations such as the plains of West Texas, they are subject to harsh temperatures and winds, sometimes for months at a time. This can cause wear and tear on individual devices over time. One way we overcome these environmental challenges is through our self-healing tri-mesh network. The tri-mesh network creates a communication field between different pieces of equipment to help send information back to base. 

To set up a tri-mesh network, you simply need to plug in a module on each piece of equipment, and the modules will automatically sync and begin communicating—no programming necessary. Then, if a module malfunctions or stops working, the self-healing technology will ensure that the functioning modules identify the broken module and re-link with functioning modules, ensuring that the missing link doesn't break the whole chain. Our self-healing technology will instantly connect with the other devices in the network and get back to business. The replacement for whichever module is broken is simply plug-and-play. You don’t need to bring large pieces of equipment—just swap out whatever module needs replacing. 

The Interceptor product line uses this communication network to ensure constant oversight of equipment using a network that can communicate with its different parts and send reports back to your base. You can set up a tri-mesh network with our Horizon board, which gets you an embedded cellular modem and a complete, ready-to-integrate communication device with detection technology—all in one. The Horizon lets you find the best signal provider in your area by tapping into mobile phone signals from virtually any land-based location. This creates a tri-cellular network and, for only $15/month, ensures you never lose communication. 

Another board that creates a strong tri-mesh network is the Spearlink. This module takes remote monitoring to a whole new level. It boasts 900MHz of land-based, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint communications. A Spearlink unit can be placed on each piece of key equipment to provide constant monitoring that will report in real-time back to your offices. Through a 24/7, cloud-based mesh network, this one piece of equipment can replace numerous other, bulkier pieces of technology. 

Overall, our suite of products is compact and communicative, helping you replace numerous pieces of bulkier equipment with boards roughly the size of a business card (or even smaller, depending on which technology best suits your needs). Any issue your company has with remote, real-time monitoring is solved through a reliable, constant communication network. Our products also allow you to access real-time data, so all of your clients can see the status of their equipment at that exact moment. 

The energy sector needs technology that will usher it into a new era of business. The Interceptor can help. Contact us to find out more. 

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