The Importance of Clean and Compact Modular Solutions

We know that the future of modular solutions is changing, but not all embedded technology companies are keeping up. With ongoing supply chain issues negatively impacting production and manufacturing time, companies can’t afford to invest in antiquated technology. 

So let’s talk about why compact, clean design is so important and how investing in these designs will make a big difference for your business. 

Companies are moving toward compact designs. Here’s why: 

Clunky modular solutions designs aren't just inconvenient—they can also cause environmental waste due to ineffective design and require additional parts during production, leading to higher costs and less efficiency. Poor designs can also lead to increased breakage and repairs, which just gets companies back to square one when it comes to waiting on a lagging supply chain.

The Interceptor is Different 

Solutions can be bulky, with lots of unnecessary cables and wires, which can prove hazardous to your operations. It’s no easy feat to bring electronic circuits to life in physical form; there is a simpler and more compact way to design the boards that help harness their capabilities. 

The Interceptor product line joins to form an extremely dense, compact, and versatile board. The Interceptor itself is only ⅓ the size of a business card. When the entire product line is stacked together, it is roughly the size of the average smartphone. Other solutions with the same functionalities are much larger and less adaptable. These larger boards are clunky and end up expending unnecessary amounts of energy.

It took months of checking, revising, and rearranging to get the Interceptor to its current size. We consulted perceived industry experts and found that they couldn’t produce a board with the level of clean, compact design we requested while maintaining performance parameters. The only way our team could get this done correctly was to do everything in-house. It still took months of tests and revisions before we had a product line we could proudly tout as an industry leader. 

Reduced Power Usage

The Interceptor is designed with power in mind. It has the capability to take 12 volts of power in but will run off of only 5 volts. Knowing that this is possible does make you wonder why other companies aren’t investing time and money into figuring out how to create smaller solutions. For some, they are so reliant upon outsourcing to countries like China that they have less control over how their products are manufactured. Others simply prioritize cheaper designs. 

Many vendors failed to anticipate the supply chain issues sparked and worsened by the global pandemic, and their reliance on offshore manufacturing made it impossible to pivot their offerings—let alone deliver on their current product lines.

When companies design solutions, they mount the different components as neatly as possible onto their board. The designer can then experiment with the placement of components, their interconnections, and wirings until they reach the optimal layout. If the board designer hasn’t prioritized compact design in every aspect of this process from start to finish, it is more challenging to make the smallest (and most efficient) designs possible. That’s one of the main advantages of our designs all being made in-house. Our team has complete control over the design process and creates optimal solutions that prioritize clean, compact, and energy-saving arrangements. 

Versatile design must also be considered. How can you create the most versatile package possible for companies, so they can purchase and assemble board combinations that fit their specific needs, rather than requiring them to buy clunky products that have a bunch of fluff-functionalities that they don’t use (or want)? Luckily, the Interceptor product line of modular solutions allows you to customize, upgrade, and optimize your solutions in seconds. 

Lower Environmental Impact 

As environmental concerns continue to dominate the news cycle, companies are under pressure to choose environmentally-friendly tech options. Clean, compact solutions are paramount. The smaller the board, the smaller amount of waste created. Simply put, it’s a win for the environment and is a fully upgradable solution. 

Manufacturers are also continually seeking a home base in North America. It isn’t just a trend—the supply chain crisis further illuminated how unwise it is to rely on Asian-Pacific manufacturers, even though this region is technically still the global leader in PCB manufacturing. That’s why we decided to design and manufacture 100% of our product line in North America. Our last blog discussed why “next generation” modular solutions will re-evaluate buying products made in the Asia-Pacific rejoin due to their environmental impact. You can read the full blog here.

A Solution You Can Count On

The Interceptor product line is low maintenance, easy to handle, simple to replace, and removes all of the complexities of wiring. It eliminates the incompatibility of different manufacturers and technologies and leaves your company with a smaller footprint and lower power solution. Really, it’s a no-brainer. Your company needs products that deliver on their promises—and exceed them. The Interceptor can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business. 

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